I Love Deep-fried Oysters!

It was a national holiday (the Emperor's Birthday) yesterday, so my children and I went to my parents house to help in making their New Year's greeting cards.

We usually make them using the computer, but my parents can't do it though they have computers ( they can only search on the internet ).

I made two kinds of cards and printed them.

After I finished, we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant.

Fortunately it was not so crowded, so we were showed to our table soon.

Our table was on "tatami" mats (Tatami is a traditional straw mat).

When we eat out with little children,  I will be glad if we are showed to tatami's space because children can lie down on tatami.

I ordered deep-fried oysters set meal.

As for the oyster, winter is in season.

It was so yummy!

My children ordered kid's lunch.

Children who ordered it can choose a present.

The presents were gorgeous!

My 5-year-old son chose a toy, and my 4-year-old daughter chose Elsa's notebook and pencil set.

They were very glad to get them!

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