Merry Christmas! ~ My son can't wait for coming Santa ~

My 5-year-old son told me before he went to the nursery school yesterday, "Please pick us up as late as possible today!"

I asked him why.

He said, "Because the night will come sooner."

He seemed that he couldn't wait for coming Santa!

Since I had a day off yesterday, I went last minute shopping at the supermarcket.

I could feel Christmas season there, I could hear Christmas songs, Christmas cakes were being sold at the special event space.

I was so excitied that I bought presents for my children as their mother ( I mean, not from Santa ).

After I picked them up from the nursery, we went to the cake shop to buy Christmas cake.

The shop was so crowded and we enjoyed choosing our favorite cakes.

( We chose four slices of cake because a whole cake is too much for us.)

On our way home, I got a email from my husband and it said that he would arrive at the station near my house about 5pm.

He always comes back home late ( he always comes back after we go to bed), so we were glad to hear that and we decided to go to the station to pick him up.

We enjoyed Christmas dinner!

I made clam chowder and prepared some vegetables.

In fact, I am not good at cooking, so I bought Christmas Chickens at the supermarket.

It was yummy!

And we enjoyed cakes!

I gave them Christmas boots for them.

Some snacks are in them and these are sold at supermarkets in the Chrismas season.

While eating, my son told me many times, "Let's take a bath and go to bed!"

I asked him, "You can't wait for Santa, right?"

He said "Yeah, I want to sleep as soon as possible!"

It was so fuuny because he usually never says like this.

After taking a bath, they put their socks near their pillows.

But they were so excited that they couldn't go to sleep easily.

Since I went to sleep earlier than them, I didn't know when they fell asleep.

Since I woke up at 11pm, so I placed Christmas presents near their pillows so as not to wake them.

Then my son woke up about 1am and noticed the present.

He woke me up and said with a smile, "Santa has already come! Can I wake up?"

I told him, "No way! It is still midnight now! Please sleep again!"

He got angry with me and woke his father and said the same thing again.

He seemed not to fall asleep again, but he was tired and ended up sleeping after a while.

He will not be able to wake up early this morning though he wants to play with his present of the toy!

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