We couldn't speak in English in Guam!

We came back from Guam yesterday.

We enjoyed staying in Guam very much.

Especially the sea was soooo beautiful!

I was so impressed with the beautiful white sandy beach and its transparent waters.


My 4-year-old daughter and I walked in the shallows and played in the sand.

My 5-year-old son and my husband swam in the sea and found tropical fishes.

He caught pretty crablets!

Since he was going to take them to the hotel, I told him to release them.

I am sure that they will remember about Guam when they grow up.

Since I study English every day, I wanted to speak in English in Guam.

But it's fortunate that most of the people who work at hotel, restaurant and other sightseeing spots could speak in Japanese!

They talked to us in Japanese, so if I want to speak in English, I needed to talk to them in English before they talked to us in Japanese.

And I felt that their way of speaking English was really fast!

I almost couldn't catch what they announce in the airplane though I study English every day.

I strongly believe that I have to exert more effort with my English studies.

I will write another topic about our family trip to Guam tomrrow.

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