Where is Guam?

A world map is put on the wall of the living room in my house.

Because I love traveling.

It's fun for me to look at the places where I have traveled on the map.

And my 5-year-old son is interested in national flags.

He already rememberes some flags.

I hope he remembers flags, the way he remembers "Youkai"characters of  "Youkai Watch"(Japanese anime for children).

By the way, my family is going to Guam next Wednesday.

This is our first trip abroad.

I would like to go abroad with my children during the cheap season before he enters the elementary school.

I asked my son, "Do you know where Guam is in the map?"

Since he didn't know, I taught him to the place.

He told me "Guam is next to Mexico!"

"..... Why? It's very far from Guam, isn't it?"

He said, "Because Mexico is on the right side of Guam. Oh, Philippine is also near Guam!"

That's sure, Guam is next to Mexico and near Philippine if it is only the map.

It was funny that He doesn't have a sense of distance yet.

We enjoyed the small world trip on the map.

I bought the map at the 100-yen shop.

I think this 100 yen is very valuable, enjoyable and useful for us!

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