Finally we will leave for Guam tonight.

My children were so excited last night, so I told them to go to bed early.

In fact, I feel both anxious than expecting so many things now.

Will they be able to bear the flight for three hours and thirty minutes?

We will arrive at Guam at midnight, so I am worried that they would be so sleepy and get cranky.

In particular, my 5-year-old son often goes to the place where he wants to go alone without saying anything during shopping.

I worry whether or not he will get lost, so I reminded him not to go anywhere by himself or not to depart from us.

But all of my worries will surely turn out into a funny story someday!

I hope that our travel will be safe and fun, and especially I want them to feel many things from this oppotunity.

I hope that they will not forget how they feel during this trip and they will cherish the good memories we have together on this journey.

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