A day when family spent at separate locations

I worked yesterday.

And my husband visited his brother last Saturday and Sunday. It takes 4 hour drive to reach his house.

So I asked my parents to come to our home and take care of them.

They asked their grandparents to take them to the theater to watch the movie of "Youkai Watch".

It is very popular among Japanese children and now it is called as a social phenomenon.

The movie had just released on last Saturday, so I guessed they had better reserve their seats.

Before I left home, I booked their seats on the website.

After I finished working, we went to the conveyor belt sushi bar.

My husband called me that he could go with us, so all of us met there.

My parents told me,"We are glad that you booked our seats. If you didn't, we could not watch the movie because it was so crowded! Many people were making a line to buy tickets"

My children enjoyed it so much and they could get "Darknyan-medal" as a limited gift for 5 million attendances!

My husband bought souvenirs for us.

Very long carrot!

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