December of this year is a very fun month for my children.

They have already written a letter of their hope for Christmas presents to Santa Claus.

Of course they are looking forward to coming Christmas.

But, they are looking forward to another big event of my family.

My 5-year-old son told me, "Nursery, nursery, then Guam, right?"

I answered "That's right!".

We will go to Guam from tomorrow!

This is their first overseas trip.

I would like to let them have a experience to visit a different country when they are little children.

So they have counted down everyday.

My 4-year-old daughter mimicked him, "Nursery, nursery, then Guam!"

Though I didn't tell anyone about our trip except only a few friends and my parents, but teachers of nursery school know about it because my children told them every day!

I was asked by a teacher who came to the nursery for the first time on behalf of my son's class teacher yesterday, "When will you go to Guam? Have a nice trip!"

I was surprised that she knew about our trip, but I could easily imagine soon that my son told her about it.

Our family's events are told by my children, so we are not able to hide something.

And I sincerely hope they will not catch a cold or get hurt before our travel.

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