A story of the tunnel which can transform into something

My 5-year-old son was absorbed in making a picture story after we finished dinner yesterday.

A picture story is one of the traditional Japanese culture.

We face each other and the storyteller read the story showing some pictures.

He made a story and drew some pictures.

The tytle of the story was "The Tunnel Which Can Transform Into Something".

Something can transform itself after it goes through the tunnel.



"えい"(ei = Ray) transformed "いえ(ie = house). ( the example of above photo)

"たい"(tai = sea bream) transformed "いた(ita = ouch).

"かえる(蛙)" (kaeru = frog) transformed "かえる(帰る)" ( kaeru = go home).

I admired that he could make such a story.

But I found the picture book which is the same story with his on a website today.

Maybe his teacher would have read them the book of that story, and he would have imitated it!

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