My mission of becoming Santa was over

My children woke up earlier than I expected yesterday.

They came to the living room holding Christmas presents from Santa in their arms.

At first they looked sleepy, but after they opened their presents, their faces were filled with big smiles

My 5-year-old son got a robot of hero series like Power Ranger.

He got the left one this time.

These three can be united like the photo below.

Additionally, they become trains after they break up because the theme of this hero series is train.

My 4-year-old daughter got the costume of Elsa from Frozen.

She was so glad and changed her clothes immediately.

She initiated the last part of "Let It Go".

She was so glad and blushed a little to see her own figure of the queen.

Her gesture was so funny and cute.

My mission of becoming Santa was over.
That was hard, but their smile made me very happy!
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