I am ready for becoming Santa!

I went to the convenience store near my house on my way home to receive a package after I finished working yesterday.

It was a Christmas present for my son.

I ordered their presents on the internet because I couldn't find those of their hopes at the store near my house.

Since my children always go to the entrance and say hello to the delivery person when home delivery service comes home, I guessed that especially my son would notice what it is if I ordered a present for him to send to our house.

That's why I used the service of the convenience store receipt of the Amazon.

I came back home and I hid it not to be found by them, and I went to the nursery school to pick them up.

While I was reading a book for my children after we finished dinner, the delivery service rang the bell of my house.

I guessed that it was the delivery of my daughter's Christamas present.

(Since the present for my daughter is small thing, I guessed that they would not notice that this is a Christmas present, so I used the home delivery service.)

Just as I expected, they came with me and said hello to the delivery person, but fortunately, they didn't show any interest to the package.

I restarted reading a book for them as if nothing had happened.

I finished wrapping their presents, and I am waiting for becoming Santa!

In our family's case, children put their socks near their pillows.

Santa will put their presents on the socks while they are sleeping.

I think this way is the most popular in Japan.

I must place the present not to wake them up!

I am looking forward to seeing my children happy.

When I was a child, I was so glad to find a present beside my pillow after I woke up.

Their happiness is my happiness.

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