I found a 2000-yen bill!

I had a day off yesterday, I cleaned the second floor's room of our house yesterday.

My son will enter the elementary school next April, so we need to prepare his room to put his desk.

But the rooms are occupied by my husband's luggage because he has not cleaned his luggage yet since we moved here.

He is too busy to have enough time to put them away.

Above all, it is troublesome to classify the garbage, so he wasn't willing to do it.

Reluctantly I started putting them away instead of him last month.

His luggage were very messy!
I sometimes found empty bottles, canned which already lost the expiration date, a lot of screws and cords which I didn't know what to use, and so on.
And I also found a 2000-yen and a 5000-yen bill!
5000-yen bill is used commonly, but 2000-yen bill is very rare now.
A 2000-yen bill was issued in 2000, but isn't issued now.
I think I want to use it as soon as possible because 2000-yen bill was sometimes not available(for example vending machines, automatic ticket vending machines, and so on).

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