My 5-year-old son asked me "Why don't you play hide-and-seek, mom?"

I answered "OK!"

He told me "Then you hide first!"

But my 4-year-old daughter told us "No! I will go with mom!"

I told her "No! If you come with me, I will not be able to hide."

She said, "But I am scared if you are not with me.."

There was a reason why she said that.

We also played hide-and-seek three days ago.

When I was it, I hid behind the stroller at the entrance hall.

Since there was very dark, they couldn't find me.

They looked for all rooms of the first floor saying "Where is mom? Moooooom!"

I found it very funny that I almost burst out with laughter.

My son told her sister, "Mom might go upstairs, let's go to seek her!"

After I checked they went to the second floor, I changed my hiding place into the kitchen.

Because they were in the living room next to the kitchen when I was going to hide, I thought they thought it was impossible for me to hide in the kitchen.

Since they couldn't find me after they searched all dark rooms of second floor, they were apparently growing nervous.

I heard my daughter's voice that she was about to cry with the uneasiness, "Where are you mom?"

They came down to the first floor saying, "Mom, come out!"

I thought this was the end of the game, I said "I'm here!"

They run to me saying "I found you!"

It was funny that they didn't wonder why I was in the kitchen and they only seemed relieved to find me.

I hid in simple place where they could find me easily yesterday!

By the way, we call it "oni (ogre)" in Japanese↓.

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