Preparation for welcoming the New Year

I went to my son's music school with him, and we had a Christamas party yesterday morning.

The students played their favorite song one by one.

My 5-year-old son played "Youkai watch" using Electone in front of other students and mothers.

He made mistakes a few times but he played very well.

We cleaned our room in the evening.

I cleaned a goldfish aquarium with my 4-year-old daughter.

She likes helping me, but she always wants to do the same thing with me.

So I did what I wanted her to do, then she imitated what I was doing.

It needs a knack to make her do something.

Since it was sunny yesterday, I cleaned the entrance and the shoerack.

I displayed a New Year's holiday decoration on the door handle.

We also need to clean living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and Japanese tatami room.

I mean, we have not finished cleaning whole house yet!

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