Too cold day!

My husband and I went to our children's nursery school to attend to the parents day yesterday.

He attended our 5-year-old son's class and I attended our 4-year-old class.

It was so cold yesterday that I had a stomachache during the class.

I could see that my son's class played dodge ball outside.

They looked so cold, especially the parents couldn't stay in one place.

All of them were stamping their feet to keep warm.

I am a member of PTA, so I had a responsibility to stand in front of the entrance of the nursery and secure the safety of the kids and parents who were going home yesterday.

While I was standing outside, I couldn't think of anything because it was too cold.

After I came back home, I went shopping and I bought a choco pie.

I don't know why, but I want to eat chocolate when it is very cold.

I gave way to temptation of "limited time offer" again!

When I got up in this morning, It was snowing!

It rarely snows around here, but it has already piled more than 10cm today!

I am worried that whether I will be able to go to my office or not today.

I don't have studless winter tires!

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