Her smile makes everybody smile

After our travel I had to do a lot of laundry and had it for 3 times yesterday.

I spent whole day washing our clothings yesterday.

Considering that we visited a tropical country, we have to set another clothing style---- it's hard to visit a country with a different season!

I am going to write another topic related to our Guam experience.

I was surprised at my 4-year-old daughter because she's very expressive and greeted everyone whom she meets by saying HELLO though she only knew hello in English.

She didn't mind about the people she encountered and she's not even aware that people were speaking different language.

Each time she greeted someone by saying "hello", that person will definitely exchanged a smile with her as she's too charming by her way of greeting them.

I was amazed that children's smile will become universal and influence foreigners to also smile.

To me speaking English for the first time made me so nervous but she wasn't.

Even with her bubbly personality and she almost showed her smile to everyone, she once got mad with someone.

The time when we were still at the airport upon check-in, one of the staff called her "baby" and that made her so annoyed.

I told my daughter about it, then suddenly she got angry and said in Japanese,
"I am NOT a baby!"

The airport staff apologized to her and said "Oh, I'm sorry. You're already a big sister, right?" and it seems that she was not satisfied and she looked furious and it made everybody laughed at her funny gesture.

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