A new encounter

Recently my 6-year-old son often promises with his frineds to play together at the park near my house after school on Wednesday because I have day off on Wednesdays and he doesn't have to go to the children's house.

He seems to have a character that he can spend his time alone.

When I pick him up to the children's house, he is often reading a comic.

So I was relieved that he could have friends who could get along with.

After I picked my 5-year-old daughter up to the nursery school, we went home and put her bag and went to the park.

My son's friend's mother was also already there with her younger son.

We were talking together while our children were playing together.

I was glad to know that she had a similar sence of values about child care with me.

We said good-bye around 5pm and went home.

It is wonderful that his friends' mothers tend to have same ways of thinking with me.

And of course his friends' personalities are similar to his.

It might be so-called "Birds of the same feather flock together".

Thanks to him, I could have a new encounter.

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