Surprising kindness

I took my 6-year-old son to the Karate school with my 5-year-old daughter last evening.

We left home 5 minutes later than usual, so I told them

"Hurry up not to be late!"

After I parked my car, we ran to the Karate training hall.

But I noticed that most of lights inside the hall except the waiting area had been off and it was dark.

I entered the hall, but nobody was there.

"Oh? Maybe do we have a day off from practise today?"

I asked my son.

Then surprisingly, the Karate teacher was at the waiting area, and came to us with smiling.

He didn't wear the Karate uniform.

I said,

"Hello! Ah, don't we have a lesson today, do we?"

He answered,

"Yes. Don't you have a practise annual schedule? Maybe you got it when you applied for the sports club."

"Really? I'm sorry I didn't know about it. Maybe I might have not checked the document which I got at the time. But why are you here though you are free from our practise today?"

"Because some of my students sometimes mistake the date and come here though we don't have practise. I will feel sorry for them if they come here and there is nobody around."

I was so surprised to hear his words.

"You mean, you came here for the students like us! I am very sorry! Today is your day off , so you could relax at home!"

He said with smiling,

"Don't worry about that! Let's go to the office to get the schedule."

I was impressed with him.

He didn't have to go there yesterday because he didn't offer his lesson.

And it is not his fault that his students mistake the date, it is their fault.

But he came for his students who might not come.

I asked him how to tye the belt of the uniform again, and he taught me.

He told my son,

"See you next Friday!"

My son said "See you!" and shaked each other's hands.

I thought he must be a very good teacher.

Of course he is strong, but very kind to his students.

I was really moved by this happening.

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