Happy Halloween?

We went to the heated swimming pool yesterday.

I wrote that my family went there last week.

→ (my past post :http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/10/how-do-you-keep-fit.html )

We decided to go every Saturday afternoon as much as we can.

Since my husband worked in the morning, we met up at the pool.

Since it is getting cooler and cooler, and we reached there before 4pm, the pool was not crowded very much.

Especially, there was nobody in the children's pool, so our family could monopolize there.

I could swim up to 100 meters last Satuday, but this time I could swim up to 150 meters!

And I was so surprised that my 6-year-old son could swim faster than I thought.

He developed his way of swimming (actually he doesn't like to be taught by us), even though he looks like beeing drowned, he could follow me.

I was also surprised that my 5-year-old daughter could put her face into the water without holding her nose.

Futhermore, she could swim a little!

There were a lot of things to be able to do with my family.

After we finished swimming, I told my husband,

"I have already finished preparing for dinner today. Today's menu is Oden because it is windy and a little cold today."

Oden is one of the popular winter dishes in Japan.

( I wrote about Oden in my past post. → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2014/11/yummy-oden-i-cant-stop-eating.html )

He said,

"Oden for your birthday dinner? Are you really satisfied with it?"

My birthday was last Friday, but we didn't do anything on that day because we are usuallly busy on weekday.

"I don't mind about it. I don't want to make dinner after swimming. I must be tired. Actually if you make dinner for me, I will be very glad."

I said.

"What do you want to eat for dinner?"

"But I already finished making dinner today. It is engough. Oh, by the way, Today is Halloween. What kinds of dishes do they usually eat for Halloween?"

I asked him, but we had no idea.

Halloween is getting popular among Japanese people, but it seems that it is limited to the part of the people.

Actually I didn't know about Halloween at all when I was a child, and I also don't know about the origin of Halloween.

He went home, and my children and I went to the cake shop to buy some pieces of cake for my birthday (rather than for my children).

I found a notice at the cash register in the cake shop.

"Please say "Trick or treat" to the clerk. (limited only under the elementary school students)"

We chose some pieces of cake and my children said to the male clerk when I was going to pay for them.

He gave them chocolates saying,

"Happy Halloween! Here you go."

"Thank you!"

They are glad to get chocolates.

At that moment, 5 or 6 children and some women who were wearing costume came into the store and said to the clerk,

"Trick or treat!"

Then he also gave them chocolates though they didn't buy anything.

I was so surprised about it.

Is it normal in Halloween that they get snack even though they didn't buy anything?

After we went home, my husband was cooking some dishes for dinner.

He said,

"I thought it is better that I make our dinner luxuriously as a birthday celebration."

He went to the supermarcket and bought Sashimi (raw fish), meat, and two bottles of wine.

My birthday dinner became like an eat-all-you-can (I mean there were various kinds of food for dinner).

Especially my 5-year-old daughter was looking forward to eating cake!

We almost couldn't find a piece of cake not related to Halloween.

The people whose birthday is on the big event are same like me.

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