A crumpled masterpiece of Godzilla

When I was folding the laundry at the living room in the morning yesterday, I saw my 6-year-old son knocked my 5-year-old daughter down.

My husband who was watching this hit my son's head.

My son started crying.

I asked him,

"What happened?"

He shouted with crying,

"She stamped on the back of my important drawing because there was not white paper! "

I looked at his Godzilla drawing crumpled.

According to him, he was too mad at her and crumpled it into a ball.

I asked my daughter,

"Really? Did you do it?"

She kept silence at first, but she finally said,


"Why did you do it? You did the same thing before and your brother got mad at you at that time. "

"Because there were no white paper in my drawing pad."

"You should tell me if you don't have any white papers. I have new drawing pads for you. You must be sad if he would draw the picture on your important drawing, right? Say sorry to your brother. "

"I am sorry..."

She said to her brother, but he said,

"No! I don't forgive you!"

"You were surely sad about it, but you don't have to push your sister away, right? That was too much."

My daughter suddenly picked her drawing of gold fishes from a trash can.

I was so surprised to see that and asked to them,

"Why was your drawing in the trash can? Did you throw your sister's drawing by any chance?"

My son nodded at me.

"Why did you do the unpleasant thing which you also don't like to your sister? You are both to blame!"

They started crying together.

I told them,

"Both of you are sad, aren't you? You should not do the unpleasant things to your sibling. Think carefully how others will think if you do it."

I took them to go shopping.

They changed their sad minds and went to the snack area with their arms around each other's shoulders.

I asked to my son,

"Please look after your sister. Stay with her!"

"All right!"

It is always hard to settle down their fight.

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