Joining in the KARATE club

My 6-year-old son took a trial lesson form the KARATE club two weeks ago.

Since he liked and enjoyed practising it very much, I decided to let him join the KARATE club.

He joined in the practise yesterday evening.

There are 15~20 children and adults there and they practised together.

Before the practise, they were "playing Tag" at the practise place.

My son ran to them without hesitation and joined them naturally.

I thought they were my son's acquaintances at first.

But he said,

"No, I met them for the first time."

After the practise, the teacher told me,

"He isn't reluctant to participate in the first place, is he?"

"Yes, he seemed to be like that. I didn't know he is such a kind child."

I was so surprised at his behavior.

I believe that his personality will be an advantage in his future life.

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