The Autumn festival

We went to the Autumn festival held at the shrine near our house.

We went this festival and wrote about it last year, too. 

I read my blog which I wrote last year again, it was funny because what we did yesterday was almost same with last year.

I'm going to quote the last year's explanation about the festival (Sorry for my laziness!)


We had a great time participating in the event called "Mochimaki" which is one of the highlights in that festival.

"Mochimaki" is an event of scattering rice cakes (mochi) for people who come to a "Shinto" ritual, such as " jotoshiki" (the framework raising ceremony held during construction of a new building).

And recently it is one of the activity done during festivals held at shrines.

The event was divided into two categories, which are for children and adult to minimize danger each time "mochi" is thrown into the participants.

A "Chigo" for childrens category where little girls wearing red and white costumes were designated to served and threw "mochi" and snacks into the participants who would pick and catch the "mochi".

The precinct was very crowded and sometimes it is dangerous because people are so excited to get "mochi", we sometimes collide with other people.

Here comes the "mochi" which feel more like rocks being tossed unto us will sometimes hit our face and head ---truly a painful experience!

Another group of crowd for adult people is what you can see in the picture below. I asked my husband to join in the activity.

It was a mixture of excitement and fun while "mochis" are being thrown away.

Our family got 46 mochis and 10 snacks altogether! ↓
I baked them for my children.
Its skin extended very long!
They ate them with sugar and soy sauce.
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