Food is scary

I make miso soup every morning.

I put some vegetables in it.

I put zuiki (a taro stem) in miso soup last Tuesday because my husband cut it from our garden last Sunday.

My husband and I were talking during breakfast.

Suddenly, the inside of my mouth had begun to tingle.

"What's this? Ouch! My tounge and throat are very painful!"

I tried to analyze what may be the cause of the pain.

The pain began afer I ate miso soup.

"Maybe the taro stem was the cause! But we have eaten them when your mother sent us many times before. Why did this taro stem make me itchy?"

I searched about the taro stem on the internet, then I found the fact.

The scum of taro stem is made up of calcium oxalate.

Since its crystals are sharp, we will have a scratchy throat if we eat something which still contains scum.

My husband said,

"Wow! I didn't know about it. It is good before I eat it."

"Don't you have any words of sympathy for me? Ouch!"

He laughed at me.

My 5-year-old daughter was worried about me,

"Are you OK mom? I hope you will be fine soon!"

"Thank you... Ouch!"

It was my first time to have a terrible experience about food.

I thought it might be a poison.

Since the taro stem was prepared by my husband, it is like being poisoned by my husband (just kidding).

The pain settled down around noon.

Food is scary.

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