What kind of soy sauce do you like?

My husband cooked Sukiyaki for dinner while I was doing housework yesterday evening.

He is our "Nabe-bugyou" in our house.

"Nabe-bugyou" is one of the slang of Japanese language.

It means a person who wants to make the decision for cooking hotpot dishes in one's way.

It also means a person who is a control freak.

It was yummy!

But he said,

"It was a little salty, isn't it?"

After I finished eating rice, I also felt that it was salty.

"Maybe the reason was that I used the thin soy sauce. I had better use the dark soy sauce."

He said.

There are a lot of kind of soy sauce in Japan.


The dark soy sauce is normal (right one in the upper photo), but the taste is completely different depending on the region, brewing company, and so on.

For example, the soy sauce used in my husband's hometown is very sweet, not salty.

The thin soy sauce is saltier than the dark soy sauce, and its color is lighter than that.

When we eat Sashimi, I usually use the soy sauce called "Sashimi-damari".

Its characteristics are; it is thick, it has rich flavor and has a unique aroma.

We use the soy sauce selectively, depending on the food.

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