A fight

When I went to the children's house to pick my 6-year-old son up yesterday evening, I saw three boys who were doing "Seiza" (sitting up on their heels) in teacher's room.

And a boy who is my son's friend was crying next to them.

Teachers were telling them something, but I couldn't hear what they were talking.

I guessed that they fought or they bullied him and teachers were scolding them.

His mother was going to take him to his home, then a teacher told three boys,

"Don't you have anything to tell him? He is going home!"

They said with playing dumb,

"I am sorry."

"Maybe you don't think "I am sorry!"

The teacher got angry with them.

They looked like "why do we need to be scolded by teachers?"

I thought that teachers were very hard to settle down the fight between children.

On our way home, I asked my son about the happening.

He said,

"I don't know. I didn't see that. I was playing with blocks and reading a comic."

"Does the happening like today occur so often at the children's house?"

"Yeah, often."

He answered so as if it didn't have anything at all to do with him.

This is my impression, I think children who need to stay at the children's house after school tend to be tough and strong because most of them have been left in the nursery school since they were very young, so they get used to survive in such an enviroment without their parents.

My son also sometimes fights with other children and he is involved other children's fight.

But I belive that he will learn something from the communal living.

I hope he will be able to find how to survive in the society.

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