Why don't you take a rest from shcool today?

My 5-year-old daughter had a cough and running nose since 4 or 5 days ago, so I had let her take medicine.

But her cough got worse since 2 days ago though she didn't have fever.

So I was going to take her to the hospital yesterday.

I took her temperature yesterday's morning, she had a slight fever of 37.4 degrees.

Since it was my day off yesterday, I told her,

"Why don't you take a rest from school today? Let's go to see the doctor."

Then my 6-year-old son who was listening to our conversation said,

"If she does't go to school today, I also don't go to school today!"


I was disgusted with him.

He also wants to skip school whenever his sister doesn't go to the nursery school because of illness.

He regards it as unfair.

He started getting angry with me saying,

"Mom! I am asking you! Please!"

"No. You don't have a fever. You don't have to take a rest today. Go to school."

"No! Idiot!"

He said the word he must not use to parents.

"What? How old are you? How long are you going to keep saying like that? Going to school is your duty and right!"

My husband also said,

"Why do you need to take a rest? Go to school!"

He went to school unwillingly.

On the other hand, my daughter told me,

"I want to go to the nursery school. We will have a rehearsal of music concert. I want to watch another class's performance!"

I took her to the nursery school and explained her condition to her teacher.

"She said she wants to attend the reharsal by any means. I will take her to the hospital after 11am, so I would like to pick her up after the rehearsal ends. Is it possible? If her fever becomes higher, could you call me, please?"

Actually we can leave our children who have a fever under 37.5 degrees with the nursery school.

The teacher said,

"I understand. They will only sit down and watch their performances, so maybe she will be OK."

My son and daughter are siblings but they have completely different personalities.
I hope my son gets it together more.

Her fever became higher in the evening.

I took her temperature in midnight because it was very hot when I touched her body.

She had a fever of 39.0 degrees.

She was delirious with fever and said,

"I don't like such a cake!"

Maybe she had a nightmare.

I hope she will get well soon.

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