One day trip to Tokyo

My children and I went to Tokyo for one day trip to meet my English teachers of online English school yesterday.

They transferred from their Philippine office to Tokyo office.

I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet them.

But I had a worry to visit Tokyo.

It was to take my children there together.

They are still young and get tired easily.

I wondered whether they could put up with too crowded places in Tokyo.

It is crowded everywhere in Tokyo, we need to follow the line if we want to do something.

Especially, we were in successive holidays now and it could easily expected that it would be crowded everywhere.

So I considered where would be the best place to meet up.

I asked teachers to visit Ueno zoo.

It was the selection for my children because I thought they would enjoy it very much and they probably would not be bored.

I needed to wake my children up at 6:30am yesterday morning.

It was a little early for them, especially for my 5-year-old daughter.

I finished breakfast, laundry, and preparing their cloths and my baggage before I woke them up.

My 6-year-old son could get up earlier than 6:30am, but my daughter would not wake up as I expected.

But we could leave home on time.

We took the local train first and transferred to Sinkansen at Nagoya station.

They looked forward to get on Sinkansen.

It was their first time to go to Tokyo by Sinkansen.

Since they often get motion sickness, I gave them medicine before we left home.

When my children saw the sales woman was coming through the aisle with a food sales wagon, they were so exited and said,

"Wow! Look mom! Something is coming!"

It was the first experience for them to see the sales wagon in the train, so I bought snack for them.

They were so glad.

"Wow! Look mom! Mt. Fuji!"

It was cloudy today, but fortunately, we could see Mt. Fuji from the window.

It was also the first experience for them.

They spent their time in Sinkansen drawing pictures, looking at the view from the window, playing cat's cradle.

After we arrived at Tokyo station, we transferred to Yamanote line and got off at Ueno station.

We went to the zoo ahead.

My children liked prairie dogs very much.

They were so cute, so they watched them for a long time.

After a while, teachers came to the zoo and we finally could meet.

I was really glad to be able to see them in person.

My children seemed to be nervous and shy because they hardly understand English.

But thanks to their kindness and friendly behavior, they were getting opening up to them little by little.

In fact, they were well used to dealing with kids.

My children liked playing with them and they were OK without me though they couldn't understand English.

Ueno zoo is famous for its panda, but we didn't go to see them because we had to follow a long line.

But my daughter ate Panda pancakes for lunch!

We enjoyed hanging around the zoo together.

They bought a stuffed long snake for my son, a stuffed panda for my daughter as souvenirs.

Since I didn't buy anything for them, they were really glad to get them.

I told my children,

"Say thank you to them in English, not in Japanese."

They said to them,

"Thank you very much!"

Time passes quickly when we are having fun.

The time we had to say good bye to them had come.

They got off the train at Tokyo station with us.

My children and I really missed them.

We told them thank you and we hope to see them again.

We bought bento ( lunch box ) for dinner at Tokyo station.

It was another first experience for them to have dinner in Sinkansen.

After dinner, my daugter fell asleep on my lap, and my son had a trainsick a little, so I gave him medicine again.

He also lay on my lap but he didn't sleep.

When we arrived at Nagoya station, she couldn't wake up so I had to carry her.

But when she found beautiful Christmas lights at the department store and at the street, her eyes twinkled and said,

"Wow! Look mom! How beautiful!"


Thanks to the beautiful lights, she could wake up.

I was really glad to decide to visit Tokyo.

I had a lot of worries about my children, but I didn't need to worry.

My children grew up than I thought, they could enjoy their trip.

They could experience a lot of first time events for them.

And we were happy the most to be able to meet with my teachers.

I thought I should try what I really want to do without hesitation not to regret what I didn't try.

This trip will become our great memory for us.

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