Souvenirs of Tokyo

My husband went on a one-day business trip to Tokyo yesterday.

Whenever he goes to distant places on business, he buys some souvenirs for us.

When I woke up this morning, I found these stuff on the table in the living room.

I could not help laughing to see that.

The right one is one of the popular souvenir of Tokyo called "Tokyo banana".

Tokyo banana is usually a banana shaped sponge cake.

But my 5-year-old daughter doesen't like a sponge cake, so she always doesn't eat them.

Maybe my husband knows about it, so he chose "Ai and Sachi of Tokyo banana".

It is a sweets which put chocolate between cat tounge.

"Absolutely! She must be glad to see it" I said to myself.

And the middle one is a catalog of Chirstmas cake.

My children, especially my daughter likes looking at such kind of catalog  because we can see many delicious looking cakes.

I guess that he always thinks of our children and he wants them to be glad.

He is very busy and the time he can spend with them is very short.

But he plays with them and listens to them when he is home, especially when I work on Sundays.

It is not how long we stayed with each other, it is how we pent the time together.

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