Thank you for concern

I wrote about my daughter's cold and fever in my yesterday's post.

I asked my mother to come and look after my 5-year-old daughter yesterday.

My father came with her because he was so worried about her.

My daughter looked worn out and had a fever of 39 degrees yesterday's morning.

She lay down on the sofa and looked feeling dazed.

She didn't want to eat anything because she had an upset stomach and had got diarrhea.

"I will come home as soon as possible, so please take care of her. I will take her to the hospital after I come home."

I asked my mother.

"Are you OK? You poor thing! Have a nice sleep. I will come back about 4pm, then let's go to see the doctor again."

I told my daughter and patted her on the head, then I went to work.

I called my mother to ask how she was when I was in the lunch break.

She said my daughter's fever might be higher and she was sleeping all morning.

I asked our team leader to go home early in the afternoon.

When I came back home around 3:30pm, she looked better and was eating rice crackers.

"You looked better! Are you OK? "


She smiled.

I was relived.

I took her to the hospital and the doctor said,

"Probably she has a Stomach flu. I’ll prescribe an antibiotic for it."

After dinner, she took the medicine.

She could take powdered medicine by herself.
Her temperature was 37.3 degrees.

Maybe she will recover it soon.

I really thank my mother.

Thanks for her help, I can go to work even when my children are sick.

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  1. I am glad your daughter is OK

    On a separate note you wouldn't use the word leader, if you mean your superior where you work you would use boss or superior or person you work for.

    So this:

    I asked our leader to go home early in the afternoon.

    Would become:

    I asked my boss if I could go home early in the afternoon.


    I asked my superior if I could go home early in the afternoon.


    I asked the person I work for if I could go home early in the afternoon.


    I asked our team leader to go home early in the afternoon.

    Or more casually:

    I asked my work if I could go home early in the afternoon.

    Hope this help, was not a serious issue just something I noticed.

    1. Hello Terry.
      Thank you always for pointing out.
      I always call her "leader", so I didn't notice my mistake.
      Maybe how to use the word of "leader" is a little different between English and Japanese.
      Thank you so much!

  2. Ah, I forgot you are in Japan and there may be different rules there. If leader is the word you use there it is correct. I misinterpreted and thought you were meaning to say boss.

    Sorry, as always great posts.

    1. I always appreciate with your help. Thank you!