Campared to last year

The school concert was held at my 5-year-old daughter's nursery school yesterday.

Her class sang three songs, and played one song using tambourines, bells, and triangles.

When stage curtains opened, she looked a little nervous, but when she found me, she smiled and shook her hand.

Other boys and girls were same as my daughter, they looked a little nervous at first, but they seemed to be glad when they found their family in the audience.

They did very well.

When I picked my 6-year-old son up from the children's house, I told him about his sister's school concert.

He said,

"I want to watch the video!"

I always bring our video camera and record the school event.

The video festival started at 5:30pm.

They watched today's video first, and after that, they wanted to watch last year's school concert video.

While watching it, I was surprised that I found a lot of thier growth in the video.

For example, some boys were weaping and some girls are squirming with embarrassment in my daughter's class students.

I told her.

"You and your classmate did very well! You didn't hesitate, you could sing loudly and stately. Good job!"

She was glad to hear that.

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