The duty of serving the school lunch

After we came back home, my 6-year-old son told me,

"I won the milk Rock-paper-scissors again!"

"What's that?"

I asked him.

"Children who want to have more milk gather and we decide who can get it by Rock-paper-scissors at lunch time."

"So you had two bottles of milk today!"

"Yeah. The milk of school lunch is yummy!"

He answered.

According to my son, children in the same class are divided into four groups, and they have a duty of serving the school lunch once a month.

The school lend white cooking wears and hats to students.

Children who are on duty serve on the plate or bowl, bring them to another students, clean the table and so on.

Their teacher give their each tasks.

While they are serving, another students are waiting while reading a book.

When I was 3-6 years old, I went to the nursery school.

Since I was a picky eater, I had a lot of food which I didn't want to eat.

But teacher didn't allow that I left some food, so I had to eat up all of school lunch.

So I often had lunch weeping during lunch looking at another chidren who already finished lunch and were playing outside the school.

But now, children can reduce their food if they start to eat.

And if they could not eat up though they did their best, they can leave their food.

Recently the children who have food allergy are increasing, so teachers can't force to make children eat up lunch.

I really think that times have changed.

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