My children and I joined in the field trip held by the children's association yesterday.

We went to the park where they have interactive facilities.

We can experience paid activities like making cookies, pizza, sausage, and so on.

We tried making cookies, had lunch together.

After that, we could have a free time, so my children went to the kids area and enjoyed playing with the playground equipments.

While we were in collective action, my 6-year-old son often tried to climb up something like a tree, a fence, or a streetlight.

Recently he is into climbing up to the high places.

He likes a pole climbing equipment for kids, and he can climb up using only upper body's strengh.

Yesterday, he climbed up the gate of the entrance, trees, streetlights, and fence at our meeting time.

One of the girl found him climbing and she said to me,

"He is in danger!"

Several boys and girls in the children's association went to my son.

I was talking with a member of the associaion.

I found my son was sitting on the fence, and there was a pond under his feet.

"Get down from there! It's dangerous!"

I dragged him down from the fense.

I knew why he climbed up.

He just wanted everyone's attention.

I told him many times,

"Don't climb up where it is not allowed! "

He often practises climbing up at home.

He climbs between the walls like this.

He said,

"My training is like Ninjya. I want to be Ninjya!"

I can't keep my eyes off of him for a while.

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