Let's have a drink!

When my children and I came home from my 6-year-old son's Karate lesson around 8:30pm, my husband was already home.

It was really unusual.

He has been very busy recently, and he always comes home in midnight.

My children were so glad to see him.

Since it was the first time for my son to show his father him wearing Karate uniform, he showed off his kicking and punching skills.

I told my husband,

"Let's have a drink!"

I drink alcohol only when I am with him.

Originaly I like alcohol, but not so much.

After I had two children, I didn't have any opportunity to drink for about two to three years.

So now I get drunk easily after I drink two or three cups of alcohol.

But I don't want to drink when he is not at home because if I get drunk, I will not be able to take care of my children.

So the day when he is at home on weekend is the best time for me to drink.

We had white wine together last night.

But his favorite is Shochu made from sweet potato.

Shochu is a Japanese distilled beverage.

It is made from barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat, and so on.

His hometown is one of the famous producing area of Shochu.

The two potteries in upper photo are called "Shochu server", which are made in my hometown.

My hometown is famous for its pottery.

If we keep Shochu in the server, the taste will become milder.

The left green bottle shochu is called "Maou", it is very popular shochu.

He got it from his relatives.

He often enjoys having Shochu.

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  1. That reminds me I need to search out a new Sake warmer

    1. I hope you will be able to find a good one!