Easy and Yummy Nabe (hot pot)

Since we have a lot of Chinese cabbages, I made "Nabe" for yesterday's dinner.

I searched the recipes using "Cookpad".

It is one of the popular websites in Japan where we can search for a lot of recipes posted by the members.

I could find recipes by entering the food names or keywords which I want to use.

I chose the recipe called "Millefeuille pot".

The procedure is quite easy.

First, cut the Chinese cabbage, pork, and mushrooms.

Put vegetables and pork alternately into the pot.

Then stew them with soup stock, sake, salt, and soy sauce.

That's all!

I asked my children to make grated radish.

They said,

"I want to try!"

It needs strength when they grate radish, but they did good job!

I put grated radish only in my bowl because it has a pungent smell and taste so maybe my children won't like it.

I thought my children would complain about the menu.

As a child, I didn't like Nabe dishes.

They usually don't attract children.

As I expected, they said,

"Oh no! Nabe! I don't want to eat it!"

I told them,

"Don't say that. You haven't even tried it. It is yummy!"

They started eating them unwillingly.

Suddenly my 6-year-old son said,

"It is yummy!"

Then my 5-year-old daughter also said,

"Yeah! Yummy! We are holding Nabe party today!"

I knew they would like to eat Nabe because they were really hungry yesterday.

I made "Ojiya" using leftover Nabe soup.

I put rice and beaten egg in the soup, then stew them.

My daughter told me that she didn't want to eat it at first.

But I put it in front of her, and she said,

"Wow! Smells good! I want to eat it!"

She ate half of mine.

Nabe dish made us warm and happy last night.

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  1. Cookpad sounds like a most interesting site. I will have to check that out I've never really tried Japanese recipe website before and I could learn something from it.


    1. Hello Terry. I am worried that that website is only in Japanese language. But I hope you will enjoy it.