One nice story

My 6-year-old son takes his homework from school every day.

Recently, he needs to practise writing Kanji, practise the addition which answer is over 10, and reading aroud the story from their Japanese text book.

The story which was in his Japanese textbook was very good, so I read him.

The story goes like this,

There was a boy.

His family had a dog, and they loved him very much.

But they didn't tell him "I love you" because they thought he already knew enough that they loved him.

The dog was getting older, and he was losing his energy little by little.

The boy was so worried about him.

They went to bed together every day, but he couldn't walk anymore.

So the boy brought him to his room.

Before they slept, the boy told the dog "I love you" every day.

He looked happy.

One day, the dog was dead when the boy woke up in the morning.

His parents, brother and sister were so sad and cried for him, but they didn't tell him " I love you" though they loved him.

The boy was also sad, but he did not feel so sad though because he told his dog "I love you" every day.

I was so moved by the story.

The stories for children are sometimes not only for children but also for adults.

I learned something from the story.

Japanese people sometimes make a point of non-verbal communication.

We tend to think that we can let someone, especially close person, know our feeling without words.

But I thought it is important to tell our feeling to someone.

When we went to bed, I told my children,

"I love you!"

They also told me

"I love you too, mom!"

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