The reason why my children like this hair salon

We went to the family hair salon to have my husband and daughter's hair cut yesterday(My 5-year-old son didn't want to have his hair cut).

This salon has three divisions, for men, women, and kids.

I usually go to my favorite hair salon, so I have not had my hair cut it this salon, but my husband and children always have their hair cut there.

Especially, the place for kids has been devised well not to let them get tired.

First, the bright colors are used in the kid's place.

Second, when the children dislike to have their hair cut, they can have their hair cut while their father or mother is holding the child in his/her arms.

I used to do it this way when my children were very little.

Third, children can watch their favorite animation DVD while having their hair cut.

This is one of the reasons they don't dislike getting their hair cut there.

But the hairdressers cut customer's hair very quickly, so they finish cutting while children get absorbed in DVD.

Actually, my 4-year-old daughter watched "Youkai Watch"(This anime is very popular among the little children in Japan) while having her hair cut.

But as the hairdresser finished cutting too quickly, she had to finish watching it.

She got angry and said " I want to watch it more!".

Last way, the hairdresser gave them snacks after they finished having their hair cut.

This is another reason they don't dislike to visit here.

My children always look forward to getting the snacks.

 My son was waiting for us at the kid's room.

This room is for waiting for someone or for the orders, while playing.

There is a slide and DVD, so I always wait for my husband while letting my children play here.

They also get absorbed in movies here, so it is hard for me to take them home from here.

I think that many mothers have with haircuts of their children.

But in our family's case, thanks to this hair salon, we don't have any problems with their hair cut now.

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