Dad's curry rice

I worked yesterday.

I prepared for dinner in the early morning.

The menu was curry rice.

I cut vegetables, but I found there were no mushrooms and meat.

My husband said that he goes shopping, so I asked him.

I came back home at 5:30pm.

When I opened the door of our house, an appetizing aroma were filling the house.

"I finished cooking curry rice!"

My husband said.

I was really glad to hear that.

I didn't need to rush to prepare dinner.

"Itadakimasu! (Let's eat!)"

The curry rice which my husband made was yummy.

All of us had second, furthermore third!

I told him,

"It was very yummy! Look! Children are eating a lot! Please make it again when I work on Sunday."

But he didn't play into my hand.

He said,

"No way!"

↓ This is the curry roux which I always use. This taste is mild, so my children like it very much.

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