We can't stop eating nori!

My children like nori (Japanese dried laver), especially seasoned dried laver.

It is toasted and seasoned with mainly soy sauce, suger, and mirin.

My 6-year-old son told me when we were having dinner yesterday,

"I want to eat nori!"

Our main dish was this, pork, burdock, and mashroom bound together with egg.

He started putting rice on the nori, and futhermore put pork and burdock,

and roll them together.

(Actually he mistook the front and back of laver. We usually put ingredients on the back.)

This is a kind of Norimaki ( rice rolled in dried laver)!

He said,

"It was yummy!"

I also tried it, I liked it very much because I seasoned main dish strongly, so it went well with rice and nori.

All of us ate it and we couldn't stop eating it.

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