I was very busy at work and so exhousted yesterday.

After we come home, I always tell my 6-year-old son to do his homework.

But I didn't yesterday because he often gets angry with me if I tell him about it.

On our way home, he said,

"I hate homework!"

I thought he said it again.

I was fed up listening to him.

As a child, I always finished my homework soon, so my mother didn't have to tell me about it.

I don't like to leave what I should do still now.

I always tell him when he says like this,

"You have no choice. You do homework for yourself. If you finish it soon, you are free after that."

But I didn't say anything yesterday, because I was too tired and I didn't want to tell him any more.

I tried not to say any advice or warning like "Do your homework" ,"finish your dinner", "take a bath"  to him after we reached home.

Since he wouldn't start doing his homework, I was so irritated.

But I tried to keep silent ( even thought I was in bad mood).

He ate snack, watched anime on TV, played with his sister...

I wondered when he would do his homework.

After dinner, he still played with his sister.

Then he said,

"Let's get rolling!"

He started doing his homework.

He could't concentrate to do it, but he finally finish his homework!

I needed patience not to say "do your homework!".

But he could do it by himself though I didn't say anything to him.

I realized that it is important to do his homework by himself, not to force him to do it.

But it needs patience and trust in my children.

I took a bath with my children yesterday, and I got out of the bath ahead of them.

Then I was practicing English with "Duolingo" ( the website which offered the English learning program) by my laptop.

They came and asked me,

" What are you doing?"

"I am studying English. I don't want to give up my dream."

I answered.

My 6-year-old son asked his 5-year-old sister,

"Do you have a dream? I have. I want to be able to write Katakana correctly. I'm going to practise it from now!"

My 5-year-old daughter said,

"I want to do, too! I'm going to do it!"

She brought the calculation exercise book for kids and started doing it.

It was funny that they study something though I didn't make them do it.

Doing by themselves might be important.

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