Thinking of school lunch

Since it was a parent's day at my 6-year-old son's elementary school, I went there to see their class yesterday afternoon.

His class held a class activity about thinking of school lunch.

The teacher asked them how school lunch are made and what are cooks thinking while they are cooking.

Some children raised their hands and told their opinions to every one.

Then teacher showed them a video which how they are making school lunch recorded by her.

According to her, she went to the supply center of school meals owned by our city before to record the video for the class.

Children were surprised at the big pan and ladle in the video.

I was surprised that cooks washed spinach three times to prevent food poisoning.

Cooks told children that they hope children enjoy school lunch and eat all of them.

And they also thought that school lunch become more delicious for children while they are making.

At the last of the class, children wrote a letter to the cooks.

Everyone wrote "Thank you for the nice lunch every day."

It was a nice class for children.

The teacher taught them why they need to eat up everything.

Thanks for school lunch, my children can eat a lot of vegetables recently, but they often complain about the menu.

Actually I can understand their feelings (I was a child who often complained about meals to my mother.)

But I hope they can eat up everything of school lunch for their health and become a person who can thank for cooks, farmers who grew vegetables, and so on.

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