In the train

Our company's headoffice held an in-house training, so I attended it yesterday.

I took a train to go to the training place.

Whenever I ride on the train recently, I alway see a strange scene.

Most of ther people are looking at their smartphone, even though they are sometimes with their friends.

I had seen a seen where a girl and her mother were having dinner at the restaurant before, but she was playing a game while eating.

But her mother didn't tell her about it.

They finished dinner with no conversation.

I couldn't believe it.

If I were her, I would tell my children not to do the game while having dinner.

Actually, I don't have a smartphone because I don't need it.

Its running cost is too expensive for me, and I have a wi-fi enabled ipad, so it is enough for me.

I know smartphone is very convenient.

But I feel strange that people are absorbed in using smartphone though there is someone they should be talking to.

With this, will our human relations only be on internet without interaction to real people?

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