I have dreams

I have not felt like trying something new recently because I have been very busy of my job and housework.

But now I have two dreams that I really want to make come true.

1. I would like to get a job which needs English within 3 years.

I am satisfied with my current job and my work environment.

But to get a job which needs English have been my dream since I was a junior high school student.

I will turn 40 soon.

I think this will become my last challenge to try to find a whole new job.

I know my choice will be a a thorny path.

I know my English skill is not enough now, so I need to study English more and more.

But I want to try, because I don't want to give up my dream.

2. I would like to Lose 5kg and wear my favorite skirt which is too tight for me again.

I wrote about this my past entry.

I will go swimming once or twice of the week from now on for my exercise.

I dare to write about my dream here not to give up again.

I will realize my dreams this time.

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