How do you keep fit?

My 6-year-old son told me yesterday,

"I want to go to the swimming pool!"

It is getting cooler and cooler here in Japan, but there is a municipal heated indoor pool near my house, so we decided to go there.

But we left home half past 2pm so I said,

"It is already late today, so let's swim only for an hour."

I usually think that it is troublesome to go swimming at a late time.

But I decided to go there soon because I realized that I needed to do exercise recently.

I lack exercise so I gained 5kg than 10 years ago.

I tried to wear my favorite skirt which I wore 10 years ago before I went to the in-house training last Friday.

I could wear it but it's too tight for me now.

I was shocked.

I thought it will fit, so I want to wear it again.

My husband didn't want to go with us because recently he is very busy and has a lack of sleep, so he wanted to relax at home.

But I said to him,

"You should exercise. I know you lack exercise like me recently. I believe that swimming with us and going to bed early is absolutely better than lying on the sofa at home. You will be able to sleep well tonight!"

He unwillingly agreed with me

I swam with my children by kicking my feet using a kickboard.

After that, I went to the 25-meter pool and swam using crawl swimming strokes.

I could swim up to 100 meters!

My husband also enjoy swimming with our children.

I felt refresh after I swam, and my children enjoyed swimming very much.

That is exactly two birds with one stone.

I hope to go swimming again with my family.

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