Tamago kake gohan

Our dinner 2 days ago was Udon (Japanese noodle) .

I cooked 3 go of rice everyday, and there were a lot of leftovers.

("Go" is a traditional Japanese unit of area and volume, and 1 go is equal to 180mL.)

My children don't like to eat leftover rice because it usually becomes harder and dry.

But I wanted them to eat it because there was too much leftover rice, which I eat alone.

I suggested them,

"Why don't you eat Tamago kake gohan? You will find it very delicious."

"Yeah, I want to eat it!"

They were glad to hear my suggestion.

Here is how I prepared Tamago kake gohan.

First, break a fresh egg into a small bowl and put some soy sauce in it.

Next, mix them using chopsticks.

Pour them on the hot rice.

It's ready to eat!

It's easy to make!

They ate them all.

I used soy sauce which I bought from Kagoshima.

The soy sauces used in Kyusyu where Kagoshima is located are sweeter than the soy sauce in our area.

When I traveled to Kagoshima 20 years ago, I was so surprised at its taste.

I thought it was good for children, that's why I used it.

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