The sports day

The sports day was held at my 5-year-old daughter's nursery school.

It was cloudy, but it wasn't hot and cool, a very comfortable day.

I invited my parents.

She participated in a foot race, a dance with class mates, a race which a parent and a child play together, and so on.

She was smiling throughout the sports day.

My 6-year-old son also participated in the sports day at the nursery school last year.

Since he entered the elementary school, only she participated in the sports day this year.

In other words, today's main heroine was herself.

I think she was glad that all of family members flocked together to root for her.

I met a friend of mine there and she told me,

"Your daughter's dance was very good!"

I told my daughter about it.

She was very glad to hear that.

There are two things that I was impressed.

First, when I looked at the 2/3-years-old children's dancing and foot race, I thought they were so adorable just because they were little.

My children already grew up and passed through that age.

I recalled when they were 2 or 3 years old and realized that they have really grown.

Next, I was surprised that a lot of fathers participated in the races which a parent and child play together, the number was more than mothers.

I don't have memories that my father came to my sports day when I was a child

I think it is very good that fathers take part in children's events.

I could see a lot of happy smile of parents and children during the race.

Of course, my daughter and husband looked they were enjoying it very much.

My 6-year-old son shouted her name during the foot race.

His voice was so big that teachers were laughing at him.

The sports day ended at noon.

It was easy for me because I didn't have to make lunch box like my son's sports day.

We went to the famous belt-conveyor sushi bar for lunch.

I reserved a table at 12:45pm, but the parking area was too crowded to park our cars.
We needed to wait for parking our cars about 20 minutes.

I expected that the restaurant would be very crowded because all of nursery schools in our city held a sports day yesterday morning.

But I couldn't expect that we couldn't park there.

Japanese people love sushi, especially the belt-conveyor sushi bars are very popular among families like us.


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