It looks like a party!

Our friend's married couple came to our house and have dinner together yesterday.

The wife is a friend of mine, and the husband is my husband's senior of the company.

We introduced them each other before, then they hit it off right away and got married.

Fortunately, my friend sent a message to me last month that she became pregnant.

I was so glad to hear that.

We decided to give them my maternity dress and our child care goods like a bed for baby, a stroller, and so on.

They were glad to see them.

She said,

"Thank you! We are given too many things."

"Never mind! I will be glad that you use these goods. We will never use them from now on."

I answered.

I am so attached to these baby items.

They make me recall a lot of memories of my children.

So I will be really glad if they use them for their baby.

I prepared dinner for them.

My 5-year-old daughter told me,

"It looks like a party today!"

She likes the word "party".

"Yeah, we are having a party today!"

We had a very enjoyable time.

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