The Movinvg Eye

Fortunately, the fever of my 6-year-old son went down and he got well yesterday.

But we spent almost time at home yesterday (except cicada catching for 30 minutes!).

Since it was too hot yesterday, I turned on the air-conditioner in our living.

The air-conditioner which are installed in the living is very interesting.

It has a moving eye which has a high-performance sensor camera.

It is always moving and looking at the room until every corner.

It can find the place where the person is and air-conditions effectively.

It looks like a robot's eye!

I told my children about the eye yesterday evening.

" Can you see that eye? It is moving! Look!  It is looking at you!"

They didn't know about the eye, so they were very excited to see the eye was looking at them.

They tried to move around in the room and confirm whether if the eye moved together.

"Wow! It is a ghost! It is a Youkai! Very scary!"

They were so excited and running around the room for a while.

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