Daibutsu is scary!

My children and I went to a college that was exhibiting original images of a famous writer of children's stories yesterday afternoon.

An exhibit of original images of a famous children's stories writer was held there, and we enjoyed looking at them.

On our way home, I asked my children,

"Do you want to go to Daibutsu-sama? "

They answered fast,

"Yeah, of course!"

Daibutsu means "giant Buddha".

The Daibutsu was at the park near the college, so we walked to Daibutsu from the parking.

As we were approaching Daibutsu, it gradually looked bigger and bigger.

I taught them,

"We don't have to clap our hands twice because it is not a Shinto shrine here."

They only put their little hands together and closed their eyes in front of the Daibutsu though they don't understand its meaning.

Actually, its height is 18.79m.
It is taller than the famous Daibutsu in Nara and Kamakura.

As a child, my parents took me and my sister there once.

I remember clealy that it was scary for me because it was too big for a little girl.

I was surprised that it was bigger than I expected because it looked smaller when I saw it from the main road nearby like the photo below.↓

And there were things which further scared me.

They are the two statues of Nio. (the Deva kings)

They are standing at the entrance of many temples in Japan and they serve as the guardians of Buddha.

I was scared of their angry faces.

Especially, look at the photo above.

The sight that Nio and the huge Daibutsu looked down at me sent shivers down my spine.

I remember that I cried so hard and clung to my mother.

I told about the story to my children many times, that's why they are interested in Daibutsu.

My children were also scared of them, not only my 5-year-old daughter but also my 6-year-old son but more so with my daugher who clung to me like how I used to be.

It was funny for me.

"I want to come here again!"

They told me though they were scared of Daibutsu.

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  1. Hello, Kumi.
    I'm a Japanese college student and a beginer for talking in English. (So I'm sorry my misuse for the comment if I have.)

    The Daibutsu is very beautiful!
    I like these histrical things and buildings!
    Where is it? Please tell me if you don't mind it :)

    1. It is called "Syurakuen-Daibutsu (聚楽園大仏)" in Tokai-city, Aichi prefecture. It is built in 1927, not so old.
      Please visit there if you would like!