Unforgettable Fireworks

My children and I came to my parent's house to go to the fireworks festival held near my parent's house yesterday.

I wrote about my hometown in past post ( http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/05/my-sweet-hometown.html ), it is famous for its pottery and it is one of the "Six Ancient Kilns of Japan".

And the pottery festival is held this weekend, and the fireworks festival is one of the big attraction of the event.

My children and I looked forward to watching fireworks very much.

I helped my 5-year-old daughter to wear "Yukata dress".

Yukata is like kimono, but it is different.

It is made of cotton and we can wear it easier than kimono.

We usually wear Yukata in summer.

Especially some of women wear yukata at summer festivals.

Yukata dress is the thing which is added small changes to normal yukata for a young child cutely, and it usually has a short hem, and it becomes like a skirt.

My parents saw and phrased her,

"Oh, you are really cute (kawaii)!"

She got shy joyfully.

My 6-year-old son was jealous of her a little because she was like a today's leading role, he teased her saying "She is annoying!" with smiling.

We went to the good place where only local people know for watching fireworks before it started.

It was near the sea and the international airport.

Since it was sunny and windy, we could see the beautiful sunset.

The fireworks were launched more than an average year.

The number of fireworks is proportional to the quality of economy because the fireworks festival is sponsored by the local companies and citizen.

It might be better than usual.

The firework was like a beautiful big picture on the black campus of the sky.

We could see a lot of Star mine than usual.

(*"Star mine" is to put many fireworks together and launch several hundred from dozens of continually and draw one theme. )

We were so excited to hear the lively big launching sounds and moved by its amazing beauty.

My son tried to count how many fireworks launched,

"40, 41, 42, oh, I can't count them, they are too many!"

Since we were near the launching place, we were able to see and feel powerful fireworks.

And we were also able to see a beautiful moon and many airplanes.

The sky competition of fireworks, moon, sea and airplanes were extremely beautiful.

Actually, I didn't want to go to the fireworks festival recently because it's always crowded and hot.

I worried whether I would not be able to be impressed with fireworks anymore.

The answer was "No", I was deeply impressed with fireworks.

My father also said,

"This year's fireworks were amazing. I was able to see beautiful fireworks with my lovely grandchildren. I am so happy. It will become my unforgettable memory. "

I thought this is the word of his greatest pleasure.

My parents are getting older and older, and the day I have to say good-bye to them will be sure to come someday.

The best memories of the life is like beautiful fireworks disappearing in an instant.

I also will not forget about yesterday.

We stayed overnight and we are going to go to the ceramic festival today.


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