Making Bento every day

Our usual day started from yesterday.

My husband and I went to work, my 5-year-old daughter went to the nursery school.

But my 6-year-old son is still during summer vacation until the end of August, so he went to children's house.

Since children's house doesn't provide school lunch, I have to make bento (lunch box) for him.

I always make my bento when I go to work, so I need to make two lunch boxes during summer vacation.

I wake up at 4am every day to make dinner, breakfast and bento because I am busy to do other housework and I don't have much time to make dinner after we come home.

I need to finish them quickly because I want time to take online English conversation lessons and write this blog for my study English.

In fact, I don't like cooking.

I think it is my duty.

I really envy those who like cooking.

I guess they are having fun everyday because of the opportunity to do what they want twice or three times a day.

Making bento is to save money for me and it always bothers me.

But my children are looking forward to eating my bento.

I can't make bento which are like elaborate wonderful lunch boxes which are posted on the Internet.

But I consider that how to make bento easily and how to look delicious.

For example, I use red and green lunch boxes for my son and me.

I believe that these colors make bento look delicious.

And I often put cherry tomato and broccoli in bento because of the same reason.

Next, I often use frozen food like croquette, fried chicken, french fry, and so on.

These are my children's favorite foods, and there are some products which can leave them to thaw naturally.

 Lastly, I make extra miso soup and put some of it in a thermos jar for lunch's soup.

I really hope that the day which his school lunch begins will come as soon as possible.

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  1. children's house do you perhaps mean " Daycare" a place parents may leave their children while they go to work for a fee usually of course

    1. Hello. That's right. Working parents can leave their children ( only students who are in 1~3 grade of elementary school ) at children's house. It is managed by the city..

  2. I wake up at 4am every day to make dinner, breakfast and bento because I am busy with other housework, I don't have much time to make dinner after we come home.