Who Is The Real Nature Of The Echo?

My 6-year-old son asked me last week,

"Is this true? If we shout "Yoo-hoo!" at the mountain, can we hear "Yoo-hoo" again?"

I answered,

"It's true. Oh, you have not ever been to the mountain, have you?"

Therefore, we decided to go to the mountain to experience "Yoo-hoo".

Since it took about 2 hours by car and we needed to pass through the long twisty mountain road, my children got carsick a little.

But after they reached the mountain, they recovered from it quickly.

We got on the lift to the top of the mountain.

This was the first experience for my children.

Since my husband couldn't go with us because he had to work, my 6-year-old son got the lift alone.

I worried whether he would be scared of it,  but he enjoyed it very much.

We could see the "Pink Panther" riding the lift!

After we reached the top of the mountain, I told them,

"Let's try to say "Yoo-hoo"!  Ready, set, go! "


Then we heard "Yoo- hoo"!

...But, something was different, something was strange.

We looked down from the observatory, a man who was taking care of the flowers answered his "Yoo-hoo" and shaked his hand to my son.

"Oh my goodness!"

We roared with laughter for a while.

After all we couldn't hear the echo, but it was a very funny and unforgettable happening.

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